About Lily Rose Care Group

Owner’s background

Angela Jouini graduated in 1999 from Staffordshire University with a BA Hons in Business.

She is a qualified Practice Teacher in Social Work and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Mentoring and Coaching gained at Sheffield Hallam University. Angela has senior management experience working with the Homeless, drug and alcohol, mental health and domiciliary care. In total Angela has 19 years of management experience gained in the health and social care sector.

Angela has a wealth of experience working with people with health and social care needs and would like to put this experience together with 19 years of management experience into building and developing Lily Rose Care Group Limited. Angela has worked with many different and varied partners to achieve successful developments and projects. Angela fully understands the procurement process having experienced tendering to win and secure new business together with successful applications to enter Local Authority frameworks.
Angela Jouini
Angela’s aim is to be a market leader in the delivery of high quality care to customers in need of care provision.

Our Staff

Our staff will be adequately qualified and experienced to deliver your care. As you would expect there will be new people joining our staff team on a regular basis and I hope that you will appreciate that they will always be an element of our staff team who are learning to be experienced carers. All of our staff will have the necessary skills and experience when they join us. They will progress through a mandatory induction programme and participate in shadowing out more experienced staff in order for them to learn to be experienced carers. Lily Rose positively supports a learning environment and there will be an expectation that staff will contribute to our continuous learning environment. We will actively encourage and support out staff to continually learn.

What we do

Our Commitment to you

We will always consult with you and respect your decisions about your care. We will support you to care for yourself if this is something that you would like us to help you with. We will always listen to you about what you think about our service. We will conduct quarterly satisfaction surveys and we will act upon your comments whether positive or negative to contribute to our continuous learning culture and our desire to continuously improve and be better at what we do. The results and actions of the surveys will be communicated to you via our newsletter and when the need arises we will invite you to focus groups in order to get your views on change and how that should be achieved.

Your Care Matters to us

We will endeavour to provide all our customers with regular carers, In the event of a crisis developing. For example where a normal care plan cannot be delivered to a customer in their own home as the regular care worker is off sick we will ensure that the position is refilled with a suitable care worker as soon as is practically possible.

We endeavor to keep to the stated time in the Service User Agreement but there needs to be acceptance of a degree of flexibility of approximately 15 minutes as there may be some unavoidable delay due to traffic or with a previous call.

If there is a change of time of any visit or a change of Homecare Worker, we will aim to advise the people who use our service of the new timing and who will be making the visit.

Homecare Workers will carry out duties as identified in the Service User Agreement. Sufficient time will be allocated for this and the people who use our service will be asked to sign a time sheet verifying the length of visit. The Homecare Worker should stay for the full agreed time, if the Homecare Worker completes the tasks in a shorter time than allocated this will be amended on the time sheet prior to the person signing.

In severe weather conditions we will identify the most vulnerable who may need an additional service. We will ensure information regarding this is placed in customer files. We will keep a list of all staff with four wheel drive vehicles. In addition we have forged links with local garages, voluntary agencies and the military who may be able to lend us 4 wheel drive vehicles.

Once the service commences and we have ascertained the communication and information needs of the customer and their family we will provide an information pack, which contains:

  • Welcome letter, with contact details of the lead Home Care Worker and Manager;
  • Customer agreement, outlining costs. payment methods and receipts;
  • Customer guide, which provides information on the treatment, support, review process, complaints process, local advocacy services and funding support services;
  • Statement of purpose promoting the aims, objectives and purpose of our service;
  • National minimum standards which highlights your rights and choices;
  • Medication sheets;
  • Observations sheets.

We work to the Domiciliary Care: National Minimum Standards, regulations

This document sets out the National Minimum Standards for domicilary care agencies including local authority provision and NHS Trusts. They form the criteria by which the National Care Standards Commission will determine whether the agency provides personal care to the required standard. The purpose of these minimum standards is to ensure the quality of personal care and support which people received whilst living in their own home in the community. These standards establish the minimum required ie they identify a srandard of service provision below which an agency providing personal care for prople living in their own home must not fail.

Our Pricing Structure

Please contact your local Lily Rose Care office for more information on Pricing. You can pay monthly by direct debit or we will invoice you on a monthly basis. We will also assist you to access Personal Health Budgets/Direct Payments. Everybody who is eligible has the right to choose who delivers their care under the Care Standards Act.

Equity release schemes can be complicated and costly. If you plan to raise funds this way, please seek advice first or speak to us and we will arrange this for you.

Customers who pay six monthly in advance will receive the first months at half of the price.