Angela Jouini


Angela took a well deserved break to spend some time with us to discuss LilyRose Care Group. It’s culture, values and the future of LilyRose.

What inspired you to create LilyRose Care Group?

Returning to the workforce after childcare responsibilities, I joined the third sector and worked in various management positions within the charity sector. I have thoroughly enjoyed my work, I felt valued and invested in. I have worked with many vulnerable groups including homeless, people with mental health issues and drug and alcohol dependency. This work led me to live in some lovely locations including London and Exeter.

Taking a decision to return home to the midlands I decided to try working in health and in the private sector.
I was surprised at the different value base the national company that I worked for held it’s staff and customers. I decided that bringing third sector values into the private health care sector may make a difference or at the very least contribute to making a difference to the sector.
My aim was to replicate my experience and I very much wanted to invest in and value the staff that worked for LilyRose Care Group.
In return for this investment and value I want our customers to receive professional care in their own homes that is delivered with compassion and kindness.

How would you describe LilyRose culture?

In one word – Caring.
The question I often ask myself is ‘would I want my parents to be looked after by the LilyRose Care team?’ – I am proud to say I absolutely would.

Good quality care is embedded in the very foundations of the company. We have made mistakes but we are always open and honest when this has happened.
Most importantly we have learned from them.
The quality of the care we provide has always been good and nobody has been able to take that away from LilyRose Care group.

I believe that when people, many of whom have often worked all their lives and made enormous contributions to society, reach a point where they are in need of support from a care service. They deserve respect, peace and happiness when care is delivered to them.
The underpinning values that help us to achieve this are I believe –
Valuing staff and investing in them.
The Care Managers have worked hard to climb the management chain and on their individual journeys they have embraced our values, worked towards them and now deliver upon them.

How would you describe your team?

I feel incredibly proud and lucky to have the managers and the teams employed by LilyRose Care Group.
We all have had hard times particularly of late. At the start of the pandemic I wondered how we would get through what we were faced with.
Throughout the pandemic the teams worked incredibly hard to keep our vulnerable service users and themselves safe.
My team are incredibly committed, motivated and embrace LilyRose Care Groups values.
In return I have been looking at ways to ensure that they know they are appreciated by offering competitive wages, a ‘wellbeing day’ and most recently a ‘Staff Appreciation Box’ in each office.

What is your vision for the future of LilyRose?

I would like the company to grow but never at the expense of quality.
If we can grow and maintain the quality then I will have certainly succeeded in my quest for high quality care delivered by a company which embraces service users and staff.

So the question that everyone asks, where did the name LilyRose come from?

There is no romantic story I am afraid to report or a special person to refer to.
It is simply flowers, because flowers are beautiful.

A little bit more about Angela

What do you like to do to unwind?

I enjoy going for a run

Where is your favorite place to visit?

There are many lovely places I visit which hold some very happy memories. I do not have a particular favorite but I do like to explore new places.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

I once left a boring wedding party in a hotel and joined another which had a better atmosphere and music. My family came looking for me and could not believe their eyes when I was dancing away on the dance floor at someone else’s wedding!

What is your favorite song to dance to?

Proud Mary -Tina Turner

And lastly –
If I pulled up next to you at the traffic lights, what song would you be singing along to loudly in your car?

Amy Winehouse – Valerie