Career Case Studies

Here are some examples of how Lily Rose Care Group invests in it’s carers and their careers.

Sally Hall – Career progression with Lily Rose Care Group Stoke

Sally has been with Lily Rose from the very beginning, meeting Angela Jouini in the job centre, it all started with “hello my name’s Sally, Can I have a job please?”. Sally worked hard as a Carer and soon became a Senior Carer in 2017. Angela tailored the job to suit Sally’s skills and made Sally the Quality Control Officer in 2019, ensuring the standards of Lily Rose remained high whilst advancing Sallys’ career. Through hard work and dedication to the job Sally with the full support of Angela, became Care Coordinator in 2020. Sally now leads a dedicated team of Carers in providing care and support to our clients.

Angela has thoroughly supported Sally to develop her skills and knowledge and has supported Sally to undertake her NVQ level 2 in Adult Health and Social Care. Sally is currently undertaking her Level 3 Training course to allow her to train new staff and support and renew training for existing staff.

Jenna Simcock – Care Coordinator

Jenna inspired to work in the care industry as she felt it was a rewarding job, in September 2014 Jenna became a home care worker at Lily Rose Care Group. Jenna found Lily Rose Care to be a friendly, supportive company with a good team. Jenna worked extremely hard as a carer and was always a dedicated member of staff.

In November 2016 Jenna became a senior home care worker, where she gained more responsibility in the company. Jenna’s sister Sammy was offered a job as home care worker January 2019, it was lovely to see a family affair here at Lily Rose Care Group.

In April 2019 after gaining knowledge and experience in her senior role Jenna became the care coordinator. Jenna now creates client runs and does a brilliant job of managing the Cheshire branch. Jenna aspires to be a manager in time.